Pagoa Basque Beer Pilsner Horia

Pilsner • Horia

Low fermentation pilsner beer. It is a bodied beer, soft, fine and clean, with a nice sweet fragrance to hops and fine malt. Its golden color and delicate and harmonious taste make it ideal on all occasions.

4,9 % vol
Pagoa Garagardoa Horia ikurra


This symbol, like the Celtic triskelion, represents the sun and movement, but was inspired by an ethnographic piece which was made in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its name means “wax board” (argizari= wax; ohol= board). It is a wooden board with a very thin candle wound around it. The argizola carries the home’s symbolic flame, and whoever carried the flame was responsible for keeping it lit during religious festivals in memory of the dead.

The icon represents the curves of the argizola’s candle, and the colours chosen for the label are reminiscent of Pilsner lager, candle wax and the colour of barley.


Red ale

Red ale

The typical “Red Ale” with a traditional hop flavor to compensate the fruity character of the yeast and the appetizing flavor of natural caramel derived from the malts used. Appertains to the group of beers with high fermentation.





Stout-porter beer, high fermentation, made from strongly roasted matter. It has an aromatic, roasted, rich, clean and dry character and a bittersweet flavor. No doubt, it is thought to take more than one.