Pagoa Basque Beer Red Ale Gorria

Red ale • Gorria

The typical “Red Ale” with a traditional hop flavor to compensate the fruity character of the yeast and the appetizing flavor of natural caramel derived from the malts used. Appertains to the group of beers with high fermentation.

4,6 % vol
Pagoa Garagardoa Gorria ikurra


The literal translation is “four heads” (lau = four; buru = head). It is a very ancient symbol and represents the sun. A star in movement, in the shape of a propeller, with curvaceous forms. It is common throughout Europe and was passed from one people to another, although it is most usually associated with the Celts. It is a sign of good fortune and represents the sun seeing off the influence of evil; that is why there are many lauburus carved into the stone lintels on traditional Basque farmsteads.

We have adapted it to this propeller-shape, with many blades, in order to differentiate it from the most representative icon in Basque culture, which has only four blades. The red, toasted and brown tones are reminiscent of the tones of our beer, and they are also tones of fire frequently used in folk clothing and mythological representations.



Low fermentation pilsner beer. It is a bodied beer, soft, fine and clean, with a nice sweet fragrance to hops and fine malt. Its golden color and delicate and harmonious taste make it ideal on all occasions.



Stout-porter beer, high fermentation, made from strongly roasted matter. It has an aromatic, roasted, rich, clean and dry character and a bittersweet flavor. No doubt, it is thought to take more than one.